İlbak has a pioneer role in the outdoor media industry thanks to its long years of experience, rich inventory, expert team and corporate structure.


According to Estimated Media and Advertisement Investments Report for the first half of 2022; total media investments in Turkey amounted to 12 billion 766 million TL and  advertising investments were announced as 4 billion 341 million TL. Together with non-media advertisement investments, total media and advertisement investments grew with a growth rate of 66 percent in comparison to the previous year and became 17 billion 107 million TL. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the most growing medium in Turkey was "Outdoor" with a rate of 98 percent. After pandemic lose its effects reached size of approximately 810 million TL and maintained its position as the third largest medium in the advertising market.

With its digital inventory and ability to integrate with digital as well as traditional channels, Outdoor is an indispensable and irreplaceable channel for advertisers. Advertising units had a 52% share in the outdoor market with 420 million TL, while Large Unites had a 25% share with 204 million TL, and Digital Outdoor had a 23% share with 186 million TL.

All media companies within the body of İlbak Holding, which has a large share in the media sector, operate in the field of outdoor advertising. İlbak has a leading role in the outdoor media sector thanks to its long years of experience, rich inventory, expert team and corporate structure. The common feature of these channels, which meet with different target audiences in different living areas of cities, is that they offer high visibility opportunities for brands in areas with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

İlbak Holding provides brands opportunity of high reach with all outdoors media it owns!


Kent Vizyon