Real Estate

İlbak HOLDING is also assertive in the field of real estate development as it is in any industry it takes part!


Real estate industry is growing rapidly thanks to several factors from population increase to increase of immigration to big cities, from urban transformation projects to landscaping within urbanization plans.

According to 2021 first quarter report of GYODER (Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partners) house sales increased 11,2% during last quarter of 2020 in comparison to the previous year. During 2021 second quarter, real estate confidence index rose 17% in comparison to first quarter. Real estate price expectation index almost doubled during second quarter of 2021 in comparison to second quarter of previous year. In order to meet demand revealed by fast growth rate, it became an industry where competition, quality, after sales services can also make great differences along with fast structuring.

İlbak Holing with experience, accumulation and equipment acquired in developing facilities needed in accordance with needs, is also assertive in the field of real estate as it is in any industry it takes part.

İlbak Holding further plans to materialize new housing projects whose land procurement, project management and construction stage it will execute at its own body.

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