Message From The Board

Esteemed Partners and Dear Colleagues,

Since the establishment of İlbak, we aim to be an important actor of the market in all of our industries, however we are committed to working with an approach that puts great importance to generating value for our industry.

As İlbak, it is our first priority to be open to competition, being an entrepreneur, working with efficiency and most importantly, complying with sustainability principles.

Our mining companies, which have become one of the main fields of activity of our company in the recent period, have completed their R&D investments they have carried out since 2010 and as of 2016, our İlan Madencilik company started exporting marble. As of 2019, our Acacia Madencilik company started to produce and export copper concentrate.

Ramada Plaza Tekstilkent, our first five-star hotel, quickly became one of the best business hotels in İstanbul.

Media is one of the industries that we put great importance to as being our main field of activity. We will continue to grow in different areas of the media industry, including advertising, marketing, media planning and communication. In the coming years, as we continue to expand in the media industry comprehensively and with different channels, we have initiated to carry out our efforts to move our specific areas of activity to other countries around us.

In our rapid but strategic growth process, we always comply with community values, social responsibility principles, ethical rules and environmental awareness factors as the first condition of success and we do not compromise on them.

Within the scope of our values, we do not drive only a profit-oriented working principle; but we pay the utmost attention to the success and satisfaction of all our business partners, especially our shareholders, suppliers, customers and employees.

I sincerely believe that we will achieve new successes together with our visionary colleagues who carry out the simplest and most efficient business processes for the happiness of our stakeholders within our organisation, which renews and develops itself at all times.

Murat İlbak