İlbak Holding that closely follows novelties in all industries invested in FMCG industry which has accelerated upwards recently.

Trend of healthy diet by changing consumption habits and consuming healthy products is on the rise recently. Global good life economy of 4,5 trillion dollars that grows two fold faster than economy according to global data attracts attention. According to researches conducted in Turkey, when it comes to good life, 86% of consumers think that offering healthy and good life options in “food” industry is important. Approximately 9 out of every 10 people living in Turkey thinks that a healthy and good life is very important for them.* According to TGI data, ratio of those who attach importance to snacks being healthy increased from 37% to 45%. 
As consumers turn towards healthy food options, category of healthy snacks also started to grow swiftly. Growth constantly progress at positive direction with extensive product range and technologic perspective.

Healthy snacks are composed of combination of natural products rich in terms of nutritional value. Besides delicious and healthy ingredients, they provide opportunity of fast, effortless consumption in bite-sizes. Snacks especially consisting of fruits contain most of nutrients, minerals and flavor components and therefore become a healthy option among snack products.

İlbak Holding that approaches the industry with product development and innovative perspective aims to come to the fore by also taking into consideration needs of consumers in this field under Mixmey brand. Journey of Mixmey which started with completely domestic capital will continue to grow fast under İlbak Holding roof. Mixmey targets to enrich its healthy and delicious portfolio of products by pursuing novelties in the industry any moment in addition to traditionalism.