İlan Marble, TETE Albania, Acacia Maden İşletmeleri A.Ş. and Kayın Madencilik operating under the roof of İlbak HOLDING succeeded in ranking among pioneer brands of mining industry.




Mining is one of developed branches of industry in Turkey. Diversity of mines in Turkey takes the country to top places in World ranking. Mining industry exports amounted to 4,27 billon dollars in 2020. 1,7 billion dollar part of this consists of natural stone mines.*

Mining industry which is included among industries hit most by pandemic conditions made exports to 190 countries in 2020 despite this, its share in total exports of Turkey is 2.7%. 

İlbak Holding succeeded in taking part in mining industry as a prominent band with İlan Marble, TETE Albania, Acacia Maden İşletmeleri A.Ş and Kayın Madencilik under its roof. İlbak Holding actively extracts mines and exports in Turkey and Albania, Kastamonu and Konya provinces in particular.  

With amount of exports in 2020, Acacia Maden İşletmeleri A.Ş. contributed substantially to Turkish economy by becoming 1st in the category of copper mine, 2nd in the category of metallic ore and 4th in general mines category. İlan Marble which specifically produces block mines ranked 8th at natural stone category. Tete Albania, the greatest copper mine in Albania, became the firm that exported most in 2020.

*Source: Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association (IMIB)

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