Principles of Corporate Governance

As İlbak Holding, we always pay attention to the adoption and implementation of our ethical principles and policies by both our employees and business partners.

We also regularly assess, update, and improve our principles and policies to better fit always evolving conditions and newly arising opportunities, and to better foster our company's growth.

In accordance with our principles of corporate governance:

All employees of İlbak Holding and affiliated companies, including temporary personnel, must abide by İlbak Holding's Code of Ethical Conduct and the related affiliate's Code of Ethical Conduct. All employees are also expected to espouse and implement these ethics codes.

The importance of the Code of Ethical Conduct must be impressed upon all employees to ensure that they attach the necessary importance to its rules. Displaying the requisite effort and initiative in complying with the Code of Ethical Conduct are among principal duties and responsibilities of middle and upper managers at İlbak Holding and its affiliated companies.

The manager at the echelon level is responsible for ensuring and documenting that an employee reads, understands, and abides by the latest version of the Code of Ethical Conduct and the Implementation Principles for the Code of Ethics.