Date: 23.10.2023

Mixmey participated in the ANUGA International Food and Beverage Fair, the world's largest food fair, held in Cologne, Germany, from October 7th to 11th!

At the fair, which hosted over 140,000 visitors from more than 200 countries and 7,900 exhibitors from 118 nations, Mixmey had the opportunity to introduce its Fruit Bars which made from 100% fruit, Flavor Bombs, and its new addition to the product range, the first of its kind in Turkey, filled, vegan, no added sugar, high fiber Flavor Bomb Bars!

Mixmey not only followed the industry trends but also expanded its export network and developed new collaborations with international companies at the ANUGA Fair. Mixmey products received intense interest at the fair, which hosted over 140,000 visitors.