Date: 16.11.2023

In the rapidly digitalizing age, Kentvizyon, dedicated to provide solutions for various brand needs, continues its investments in this field without interruption by implementing its new digital products in Bursa!

Active with 18 faces in the most crowded 10 points of the city, Kentvizyon's digital products play an effective role in outdoor advertising. With dimensions of 15 m² and 24 m², these digital products convey powerful visual experiences along with the desired messages to the targeted audiences.

Located in major neighbourhoods and districts of Bursa namely Osmangazi, Nilüfer, Mudanya, and Gemlik, the digital products of Kentvizyon, strategically positioned in areas with crowds and heavy traffic like other outdoor advertising units, play an effective role in reaching brands to large audiences.

Keeping up with the digital age, Kentvizyon units continue to make a difference in the industry with the high quality services and customer satisfaction they offer to brands.