Date: 05.05.18

We are within top five in Europe

BBM Board Member Yusuf İlbak and BBM General Manager Müyesser Berk Yağız explains that the basic agenda of the Büyük Baskı Merkezi is to expand operations further and to position the company where they deserve in Europe. According to the duo indicating that they are the leader in open-air printing industry domestically, creating and industry in global standards is the responsibility of all players.

As BBM, what kind of a claim do you make in the printing sector?

BBM's claim is to provide quality service in international standards for both offset and digital printing with the best price possible and in the fastest way. Considering unplanned and rapid business demand model in Turkey, we are investing against it and we have a prestigious national and international image on this matter. We ensure all these elements, taking into account human and environmental health. We never use solvent paint which is banned in Europe but is used in the internal market due to its low cost. According to the rating system of one of our multinational customers, we have been evaluated at the highest level of quality in occupational safety and environmental health issues. We are progressing with paints that have the certificate indicating that they can be used in areas where human health is most sensitive, especially health and education institutions.

The size foreseen for the global printing industry in 2018 is $ 980 billion. Where does BBM stand on this size?

BBM is by far the leader of the open-air printing industry domestically. We aim to make our wide range of products and services an international brand for the year 2018 by expanding this leadership beyond the borders of the country. We currently are in the first five European companies in our field.

Through the colour management program we use, we can standardize colours on all machines and all materials. This means that whichever machine is used to print the desired colour and which material is printed, the same result is obtained. With the MCS warranty certificate granted by 3M, which we are an official platinum partner, we are committed to exactly match the corporate colours of brands internationally.

How is 2018 going in terms of your international operations?

By visiting the leading exhibitions of the industry two or three times a year, we are becoming aware of the technological developments and we are keeping our finger on the pulse of the agenda. We are meeting with printing professionals everywhere in the world and share our thoughts. These make possible the construction and sustainability of our international identity.

We take training our personnel especially working in mounting field by sending them abroad, where no other company in Turkey does.

One of our machines which all the world knows and which quality is certified has a worldwide reputation; by making over 7 million cubic meters of printing compared to the other machines of the same type and currently holds record as the machine that can make most prints to date.

Such success stories attract attention abroad and that leads to feedbacks in the form of cooperation offers.

In 2017, we started to make fleet wrapping for global brands in a considerable volume and this continues to grow in 2018. In Ankara and Istanbul, we have 7/24 sheltered facilities with 18-24 degree temperature, suitable for fleet wrapping.

What do you have in you agenda for the following periods?

As of today, we still have a few projects that we have not actualized. We set our eyes abroad and our main agenda is to place BBM to where it belongs in Europe by expanding the operations. We want to open branches in Europe and we have studies on this. Our ongoing branching work in Germany will continue on the basis of requests from different geographical regions. In addition, we are serving to malls in various regions of USA. We are about to sign with a leading global brand of the tourism industry for all the operations of the EMEA region in the second half of 2018.

Our greatest wish is that domestic companies reach European standards just like the global brands that are respectful to nature, respectful to human and attaching importance to occupational safety. We have social responsibility projects that are in the preparation stage for the enlightenment of the right known wrongs and the wrong known rights. Bringing these standards for indoor and outdoor printing to the country agenda is also among the issues that are within our to-do list.